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Noci is an original content creation, development, finance, production & distribution company that leverages the convergence of all media, entertainment, and technology platforms and allows strategic investors and brand partners to co-invest risk minimized equity.

The Company allows a very select and limited number of accredited investors including global family offices, ultra high net worth investors, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds,  pension funds, foreign investors (EB5 U.S. Immigrant Visa), and, private equity funds to participate in a true non-correlated asset class that is immune to economic conditions, has outperformed every stock index as of 2014, has a 100% transparency on equity, and, has an aggressive annual preferred ROI on invested equity prior to revenues.

The Company feels its opportunities are superior to investing in lottery ticket pre-IPO startups that are heavily promoted on equity crowdfunding sites, or, investments in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and alternative investments such as art, wine, oil & gas, medical cannabis, and energy.

For existing brands and corporations that are aggressively pursuing branding and co-investment platforms in U.S. & multicultural original content and programming, the Company has several innovative and proprietary opportunities based on global distribution platforms and advertising revenues in traditional cable, syndication, mobile, VOD, PPV, OTT, and other channels.

To inquire on strategic synergies, please fill out our contact form or email us at yuri@noci.com

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